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Kristen Hewitt is truly a Mommy In Sports. As a sideline reporter for her hometown Miami Heat, Kristen is constantly battling the balance of late nights and early mornings. With her two young daughters, Kristen has managed to have an incredibly successful career as an on-the-court NBA reporter, television producer and writer in addition to her successful blog titled “Mommy In Sports.” During this episode of Real IronDAD Radio, Cory Warren talk with Kristen about trying one new food a week, her journey to successful IVF treatment with her daughters and how to keep a house running with a busy schedule.


Mommy In Sports – Kristen’s Blog – http://www.mommyinsports.com

Mommy In Sports on Twitter – https://twitter.com/mommyinsports

Items Mentioned In The Podcast: 

  1. Try one new food a week with your children. More information HERE.
  2. Why Kristen’s Kids Go To Bed at 7 p.m. article from Bundoo HERE.


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Cory Warren

Cory is a husband, father of three and vegan triathlete. His blog, Real IronDAD, is a lifestyle blog about food, family and fun that helps passionate people, mostly parents, who have over-scheduled, busy lives maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness and overall wellness.
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